About Us


We have precious family, limited time and money. We want our home a cozy and inviting place where we can cook delicious, nutritious food and enjoy quality "me" time and family time, while making the most out of our budget.

So we’ve put together a collection of time-saving, money-saving kitchen gadgets that we use in the kitchen, and also some naturally beautiful home decor products that we want you to enjoy at home. 

We’re a small family-owned business. We have limited power to change the world, but we are determined and fearless to make every day a little bit better, for people around us, and people we've never met but stay connected in some way (just like you)!

We hope this website can provide some useful information and access to our beautiful and useful collection of products designed to make your home warmer and your life easier!  

At BitimexHome, we focus on product quality and you can count on us to bring you products that we use ourselves in our own home and kitchen. 

We believe that home is the center of our life, and the kitchen is the center of our home. We want to bring joy and closeness to your everyday at-home experience through simple tools and natural decor, so that you can spend more quality time with loved ones! We believe in our products and truly hope you'll love them too!

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