Industrial Freezer

Our top-of-the-line commercial freezers are professional restaurant freezers available in 1, 2, and 3-door options. Crafted for durability and efficiency, they can provide optimal food storage space and temperature control for your business operation and home kitchen. 


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freezer upright WK-48F

Freezer Upright Frost Free (WK-48F)

Freezer Upright Introducing the Westlake WK-48F Upright Freezer frost free model, a superior freezing solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched convenience. The upright freezer configuration not only saves space...
freezer fridge in front

Freezer Cooler Refrigerator Freezer Side-by-Side Combo (WK-48RF)

Freezer Fridge Introducing the Westlake fridge for cafe and upright freezer frost free Combo WK-48RF, the perfect solution for both commercial and in-home use. This counter-depth commercial refrigerator freezer combo...
freezer upright WKF-49B front angel

Freezer Upright Frost Free Commercial Reach In (WKF-49B)

Freezer Upright This Westlake commercial reach-in upright freezer frost free model with a double solid door WKF-49B is the perfect commercial equipment choice for restaurants, bars, and shops to keep...
westlake WKF-82B front side angle

Freezer Upright Frost Free 3-door (WKF-82B)

Freezer Upright Meet the Westlake WKF-82B Frost-Free 3-Door Upright Freezer, your new freezing companion that effortlessly marries cutting-edge technology with unmatched convenience. Its upright freezer setup not only saves you...
westlake WK-72F front 3 door

Freezer Upright Frost Free 3-door (WK-72F)

Freezer Upright Introducing the Westlake WK-72F Frost-Free Upright Freezer, a high-performance freezing solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technology and unparalleled convenience. Its upright freezer design not only optimizes space utilization...
freezer upright

Freezer Upright Frost Free (WKF-23B)

Freezer Upright Introducing the Westlake upright freezer frost-free model WKF-23B, a game-changer in freezer technology. It is designed to provide unparalleled convenience and preservation for your frozen goods. Say goodbye to...

Westlake Kitchen

At Westlake, we believe that your kitchen should be a realm of limitless creativity. Our collection of commercial kitchen appliances embodies this philosophy, offering you tools that enable you to push boundaries and redefine culinary excellence. From preserving the freshness of your ingredients to presenting beverages that tantalize the senses, our appliances are your partners in achieving culinary greatness.

Fridge for Cafe

Elevate your cafe's ingredient storage game with our Westlake Cafe Fridge. Impeccably crafted, this fridge strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of a bustling cafe, it offers ample space to house your freshest produce, dairy essentials, and delightful treats. Our cafe fridge combines innovation and aesthetics, ensuring your ingredients remain at their prime while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Upright Freezer

Discover the epitome of freezing efficiency with the Westlake Upright Freezer. Your culinary creations deserve a storage solution that matches your ambition, and this appliance delivers just that. Offering a spacious interior with adjustable shelving, it's a versatile canvas for storing a wide array of frozen delights. Crafted for professionals who demand precision, this freezer guarantees impeccable temperature control, ensuring your dishes retain their flavors and textures.

Ice Maker Machine

Quench the thirst for perfection with the Westlake Ice Maker Machine. Ideal for those who understand that the right ice is the soul of a refreshing drink, this machine brings precision and innovation to ice-making. From crystal-clear cubes to captivating custom shapes, it transforms ordinary beverages into extraordinary experiences. With rapid ice production and intuitive controls, our ice maker machine keeps the refreshments flowing, whether you're crafting cocktails, iced teas, or mocktails.

Pizza Counter

From crafting the perfect pizza to assembling delectable sandwiches, our specialized pizza counters and sandwich prep tables are designed to elevate your food preparation process. These refrigerated prep tables are crafted to provide optimal storage and workspace, ensuring your ingredients remain fresh and easily accessible. Discover the perfect fusion of innovation, functionality, and efficiency as you redefine your kitchen operations with our pizza counters.