About Us

Bitimexhome is not just a store; it's a family-owned business dedicated to bringing you quality kitchen gadgets and home decor products. When you choose us, you become an integral part of our extended family. In addition to offering an array of unique and stylish products, we are also the proud distributor of Westlake commercial refrigeration appliances. This partnership allows us to provide you with premium commercial-grade appliances for your kitchen, ensuring both functionality and style.We take great pride in curating a selection of products that we love, and we hope you love them too.


Our Return Policy

Kitchen Gadgets and Home Decor Products:

You have a 30-day return window in case:

  • The product is damaged, defective, or broken (we'll pay for the return shipping).
  • You don't like it (you'll be only paying for the return shipping).
  • To prevent potential abuse, we are limiting the replacements to one time. But don’t worry, we’ll still refund you in the off-chance the replacements still don’t work.
  • If you received the product as a gift, just email us at support@bitimexhome.com with a photo of the defective item and your address, and the full name of the person who gifted it to you. We will attempt to locate the order for your warranty.


Westlake Commercial Refrigeration Appliances:

You have a 14-day return window in case:

(1) The item is in its original condition and the packaging is acceptable.

(2) If there is no quality issue and you'd like to return, you agree to pay the return delivery fee. 

(3) If your item is damaged or defective, you should let us know within 14 days of delivery.

  • If you reject the maintenance, we'll pay for the return delivery charge.  
  • We will provide you with the warehouse address, and you can send it back.
  • We will arrange for a courier to pick up the package.
  • You can also send it back by yourself, and we will refund the shipping cost.


How Does The Westlake Warranty Program Work?

1. How long does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers 2 years for the entire machine, including free parts, telephone/video guidance, door-to-door maintenance, and other services.

Additionally, we offer a 6-year warranty for the compressor, with only parts and delivery covered for the last 4 years.

2. Can I purchase extended warranty?

Yes, if you need a longer warranty, you can purchase an extension for $80 for an additional half year or $160 for an additional year, or contact us for more options.

3. How can I get my warranty information?

We will send you a Warranty Card via the email you provided when placing the order.