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Bread Proofing Basket Banneton Set For Sourdough Bread

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Proofing Basket Banneton

Unlock the art of artisanal bread-making with our comprehensive Bread Proofing Basket Set. Elevate your baking endeavors with this meticulously crafted collection, designed to perfect every loaf. Our proofing baskets provide the ideal environment for the dough to rise and develop its distinctive texture and flavor.

Crafted with a keen focus on quality, our set includes top-tier proofing baskets renowned for their effectiveness in enhancing dough fermentation. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a passionate beginner, our Banneton Baskets are your key to mastering the delicate intricacies of bread proofing. Elevate your baking game and achieve bakery-worthy results with this indispensable Proofing Basket Set.

This Proofing Basket Set Includes:


  • 9 inches Round Proofing Basket
  • Linen Liner
  • Plastic Bowl Scraper
  • Wooden Bread Lame With Extra Blades
  • Mini Flour Sifter
  • Bread Stencils


Why Our Proofing Basket For Baking?


  • Natural and Eco-friendly: Our banneton proofing basket, handmade from eco-friendly rattan cane, wicks moisture, aids dough release, and is chemical-free. It's lightweight, sturdy, and splinter-free, ensuring safe and healthy baking.


  • Perfect Gift Set For Bakers: Includes 9” round brotform bowls, a bread lame with a wooden handle, stencils for artistic patterns, and a mini flour sifter/tea strainer.


  • Easy and Creative Baking: Customize your bread's appearance with stencils and a bread scoring tool. After rising, transfer your dough from the basket to the oven for complete control over your bread's ingredients and shape.


  • Solid and Versatile: Crafted with reinforced nails, the basket is durable. The proofing cloth liner supports bread shape and can be used for steaming vegetables. The plastic dough scraper handles various baking tasks.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We value your feedback and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Click "Add to Cart" to enhance your baking experience with this eco-friendly addition to your kitchen!

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Great Kit!

This is a great kit for someone new to the world of sour dough!

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