Splatter Screen SET Model 1

Splatter Screen Set of 3 (8",10",11" - BLUE)

    • Splatter Screen For Cooking Gives You Peace of Mind: Unlike cheap counterparts using 201 stainless steel, ours is made with premium 304 material. Heavier, sturdier, thicker, and therefore last longer. The mesh is finer than the inferior ones. The rim of the screen is greatly reinforced to prevent warping. The plastic part in the handle is retained in the metal handle so tightly to prevent from falling and hurting your hands.


    • A Beautiful Set of Grease Splatter Guard: This cost-effective set of kitchen anti splatter guards provides you the best value possible! The 3 different sizes of the keep-it-clean screen can be used in a wide variety of pots, skillets and pans, served as small frying pan covers or large hot pot splatter guard lid. No need to pull out the big iron wok guard for small tasks anymore! You will enjoy more flexibility knowing whatever situation it is, you always have the tool handy with the right size!

    • Enjoy Safe Cooking and A Clean Kitchen: No one wants to get splattered or burned by hot oil or other liquids, especially when you have little kids around. All three anti-oil pan covers have a long, sturdy plastic handle that allows home and professional chefs to keep a safe distance from hot objects and stop prime burns. With this set, it will be so much easier to maintain a clean stovetop and kitchen wall. You and your family will definitely appreciate a grease-free kitchen!


    • Facilitate Your Cooking Tasks Faster: You will feel confident allowing these splatter screen protectors to serve you at the same time, because they are so versatile! They double as strainers, steamers, and even cooling racks. Grab the mini one as a rice strainer! During various stages of cooking, this incredible set will facilitate the process and make your life easier! It also allows steam to escape. So sit back and enjoy the food with your family faster than before!


    • 100% Money Back Guarantee: At BitimexHome, we take customer feedback seriously and continue to improve every aspect of the product! Just in case, however, you have any kind of issue, don't hesitate to contact us! Your satisfaction is paramount! NOW click “Add to Cart” to welcome this beautiful addition to your kitchen!